I am technologically challenged.  I don’t know how to upload pictures or how to format my blog.    I’m pretty new at this, so any tips or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
In May of 2010 I became employed by an organization in my city which works with students from low socio-economic backgrounds.  We support students both in school and after school, working with their teachers and administrators to encourage academic growth and ensure a successful transition into post-secondary.  It is a pilot-program which is in effect until 2013, and I really hope we continue to receive government funding after this time elapses (because I feel strongly about the work I do and I sure would hate to become unemployed).

We provide both tutoring and mentorship support that they might not otherwise receive.  In return for their commitment to these supports, we also provide them with incentive money that they can use towards things like theatre experiences, art lessons, dance lessons, sports equipment, school supplies, winter clothes… anything that can help these kids see the value of education and to promote success in school.  And on top of that, the organization provides thousands of dollars in scholarships for each student upon successful completion of high school.

This blog will be a look into some of my experiences with these kids, things I’ve learned from them and the politics behind the scenes, while at the same time respecting confidentiality.

There are a lot of bad politics (mostly funding issues and policies outside of our organization’s control) that affect the work we do with kids, and I hope to expose some of it.


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